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Dr Miranda Sageman Bespoke Dental Turner Canberra


Dentist & Practice Owner / Principal

With a tendency to shy away from the limelight and play down her strengths, Miranda is a steady and experienced hand in our practice. Working as our primary dentist, her quiet consideration of dental treatment is a clever veil for intelligent delivery of patient care. Dr. Sageman completed her studies at the University of Sydney in 1990. After graduation, she spent a few years practicing dentistry in the UK before returning to Canberra.

We think she is the quintessential dental practitioner, bringing together a careful eye for detail and an understanding ear for every patient’s concern. Miranda maintains a laser focus on the little things that make all the difference to our patients, connecting with them in ways that make them feel part of the Bespoke Dental family.

Together with Jesse, her partner in business and life, Miranda continues to evolve and finesse the Bespoke Dental practice, as it creates good things for patients and the broader community.

She has two teenage daughters, a dog and two cats. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, theatre, film, and live performances.