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Why Are There Price Differences With Different Dental Practices?
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Hi, Dr Miranda Sageman from Bespoke Dental here in Canberra.

I was speaking with a new patient Liam from Campbell yesterday. He was getting a few quotes for his dental veneers, and he was surprised how vastly different were the quotes he was getting. This was a little confusing as he didn’t understand what contributed to the price difference. Once I explained it to him, it all made sense. This confusion is actually quite common, so I thought I’d make a short video taking you through how dental pricing works.

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Just like any business, dentistry has costs. And just like any business, the quality of our work relies on the quality of our suppliers, laboratories, and training of ourselves. It takes time to train a dental clinician. It takes time to hone our skills. It takes time to do detailed, meticulous and focused dentistry that is of a quality that will last. A higher cost initially for a procedure may actually be cheaper because the end result lasts longer. So the first factor that impacts the price is the experience of the clinician and how long they have been practicing, and also the amount of time that is factored into your procedure.
The second factor that impacts the price are the costs involved for infection control. The quality of infection control using the highest compliance autoclave, protective equipment and single-use products is paramount to your safety and ours too.
The third factor that impacts the price is the laboratories that are used. At Bespoke Dental, the laboratories that we team up with, are Australian-owned, local, and interstate. We are proud of the technician’s craftsmanship and take confidence in the quality of their materials, complying with reputable and honourable companies.
And finally, the development of a dental practice requires consistent learning and upgrading of skills. The cost for continued professional education in Australia is quite substantial, and it involves tens of thousands of dollars each year. We invest in our team and ourselves to continually increase our knowledge and skill, so that our patients will always get the most advanced, up-to-date treatment and care..

I hope this gives you an insight as to how different factors can impact dental fees, and helps you make a more informed decision when choosing your next dentist to look after you and your family.

So if you are looking for a new dental home, then we would love to look after you and welcome you to the Bespoke Dental family. Simply give us a call, complete the form on our website, or direct message us on social media, and our friendly team will be in touch to organise your appointment. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Always a lovely experience. The team at Bespoke Dental make going to the dentist something to look forward to.

Zoe S.


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Always a lovely experience. The team at Bespoke Dental make going to the dentist something to look forward to.

Zoe S.


Dr Miranda Sageman is definitely the best dentist I have seen in Canberra. She is thorough and genuinely cares for her patients. The team at Bespoke Dental are professional and provide excellent service. I would not go anywhere else for dental treatment. Highly recommended!